We believe that your home design should be a reflection of you and your land. Love one of our home plans but wanted to make some changes? We've got you covered.

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Home Plan Drafting

How it Works:

  • We will email you within 24 hours to get more information on what you need changed.

  • We will send you an quote for the revision (and plan cost if you haven't purchased it yet).

  • We will deliver all edits in <5 working days after payment for your first review.

  • As needed, we will discuss additional changes via email or phone, depending on your preference.

  • Once you sign-off on the revisions we will send you the final edited construction documents.

What it Costs:

​Prices can vary, depending on the plan and exactly what is changing. We've outlined some typical price ranges below:

Tier I - Minor Revisions <$250

  • Moving or Resizing Doors & Windows

  • Moving non-structural walls

  • Adding Plan Notes or Details

  • Changing minor facade details.

Tier II - Structural Revisions $250-1000

  • Modifying a kitchen or bathroom layout

  • Modifying structural or exterior walls

  • Minor roof pitch changes

Tier III - Major Overhaul $1500+

  • Changing overall footprint width, depth or height

  • Modifying levels for accessibility or adding an elevator

  • Significant roofline changes

  • Wall construction revisions (ICF, 2x4, 2x6, etc.)

  • Adding a walk-out basement plan


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The process of designing a new house can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions to make, and the options are endless.

Don't get paralyzed by design choices. Let us help you narrow down your choices by listening to what’s important to you when it comes to modifying existing house plans. Our experienced designers will leverage their years of experience to show you how optimizing certain construction details could lead to significant budget savings and reduce or eliminate construction schedule delays. We can also share with you the latest trend reports so your custom home is designed to be on the cutting edge of style and design.

Let us take care of all the details! You don’t have time for this stuff, we do! Our talented designers will work with you over email and phone or screen share until everything is perfect. Your dreams come true without any headaches or stress on your part (well maybe some excitement).