Our curated selection of small house plans and cottage house plans is perfect for families looking for space to spread out and enjoy their lot.
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Are you looking to build a small house plan or cottage home plan? Maybe you just want a guest house, pool house or space for the in-laws?


We have the perfect house plans for you. All of our small house floorplans are designed to be beautiful and functional, with all of the amenities that make your life easier. You’ll love coming home every day to our gorgeous designs and we guarantee it will be an experience unlike any other.


Once you see one of our houses, we know you won’t want anything else in your life but ours! With so many options available, there is something for everyone – from small families to large ones. These smaller plans are designed to be affordable to build, saving money for beautiful landscaping or high end interior design. It’s everything you could ever dream about living in a house and more!

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Tired of seeing the same simple small house plans on every website? Unlike all the other sites, we curate and design all of our small home designs in-house and maintain them exclusively.


Whether you're interested in a small house plan under 1000SF, more of a traditional style cottage floorplan with a garage, or an outbuilding with an ADU suite we've got you covered. The secret to the popularity of our plans is to pair outwardly classic American heritage style, with internally modern features like open concept floorplans and home offices and study spaces and indoor-outdoor living. All of our house plans are overflowing with charm and timeless architectural style while maintaining highly usable and accessible floor layouts.


How Much Does Editing a Floor Plan Cost?

If you want to purchase one of our plans but also make changes to better suit your needs that’s no problem. We’ll even make your first round of modifications free of charge!

To learn more about the process visit the plan modifications page. After that, we do charge for additional rounds of plan edits but we’re sure you’ll appreciate our guaranteed 48 hour turnaround time.

I Have Land; But Is It Suitable?

Do you already have the perfect land to build your dream house? Are you unsure whether or not it’s suitable? No worries, we can help. 

Visit our feasibility study page to learn more. We can perform a 14-point zoning compliance check on your land. After that, we give our customers a PDF report on the feasibility of the plot for building your ranch home. The report provides maximum bulk dimensions and a curated list of viable house plans. 

How Can I Calculate The Cost To Build These Plans?

Need to run some numbers to figure out how much your home will cost? It can be hard to know how much a project will cost by looking at floor plans so we created a free cost-to-build calculator. It’s free for you to use as many times as you want!


If you still have questions, we’re ready to help! Get in touch today to discuss your dream.

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